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Magine's Freeware Downloads:

For AW 5.2 or 6.0
Magsbot 7.19
(AW SDK build 101)
updated 3/26/14
NOTE: This works with 
5.2 or 6.0 servers,
but it doesn't have any new functionality
over 7.16.

For AW 5.2
Magsbot 8.0
(AW SDK build 100)
updated 7/19/13
This version supports unicode,
but is still in alpha test phase.

For AW 4.1
Magsbot 7.11
(AW SDK build 66)
updated 7/19/13

For AW 3.6
Magsbot 6.9
(AW SDK build 41)
updated 7/19/13

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As seen in AWRPG!



Some stuff for your object path.

Sorry, no support is possible at this time.
WARNING! The RPGBot takes considerable set-up to customize it for your world.

Unzip the documentation then create a shortcut to the index.html file.
Go to "complete documentation" then "***GETTING STARTED ***".

Run the install file, which will put the RPGBot in C:\Bots\RPGBot.
Create a shortcut to MBot.exe and click to run the bot.

Optionally, place the models on your object path.

Magsbot help is no longer available on-line,
but you can download all the help files here.
Unzip the file to it's own folder,
then edit magsbot.ini and in the [Help] section add
URL=path to mbh\mh_contents.htm
for example:
Then Magsbot will use the local help files
when you press F1.

Other help:

Magsbot classes, zipped

RWX Classes, zipped

Turtleflight forum HTML archive, zipped
(unzip all parts to the same folder then click index.html)

Complete Downloads folder